Thursday, November 25, 2010

How to change thermostat on dodge dakota?

I HAVE A 94 DODGE DAKOTA WITH A 318 MOTOR. HOW DO I CHANGE THE THERMOSTAT ON IT? DO I HAVE TO MOVE THE AIR CONDITIONING PUMP AND THE ALTERNATOR TO GET TO IT? THANK YOU FOR YOUR INPUT.How to change thermostat on dodge dakota?yes you do to get to it and do it right,if not you wont be able to clean the mating surface off good enough on it,that's the easiest way to get to them,unless you can get to it just by moving the alternator out of the way,and its still a tight fit to get it back in right,they could have made it easier to get to on that one,i own a 93 and its no fun working on it,good luck.How to change thermostat on dodge dakota?man,that's a hard one right there ,try and drill in to it just a little and see if you can get a screw driver drove in to it and see if that will budge it out,i did that once and had to remove the brackets and all on it,and drill it out,thankfully its brass an will come out once it weakens some.

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