Tuesday, October 25, 2011

How do you change a Thermostat on a 94 honda civic dx?

usually, you follow the top radiator hose towards the engine. the aluminum piece the the hose is clamped to usually houses the thermostat. it usually has two bolts/nuts 10 or 12mm sockets should fit. change when engine is not really hot, as it will pour coolant everywhere when you take off the housing. pluck out old thermostat, pluck in new one. if there is a new therostat gasket available to purchase get one and put in place inbetween the thermostat housing and the engine when re-assembling. Its easy. You may have to take off the air cleaner and other misc items to get to that area, but still easy. I say %26quot;usually%26quot; so much because i cannot picture that particular engine clearly in my mind anymore, but all are about the same.How do you change a Thermostat on a 94 honda civic dx?No indication of why it needs to be changed. Did you check to see if the radiator has antifreeze. If the radiator does not have fluid then there is a leak. That needs to be repaired.

Not sure the thermo may be under the radiator cap or under the block hose that goes to the engine... Any way ya figure have to open the hood... If you try and change this object will probable need to buy $100 worth of tools...